Monday, 30 September 2013

Hello Friends here is in 2013 fast proxy trick for Tata Docomo Network Users. This trick is working with Resume support with downloads and with YouTube, Facebook too. You can download by very fast speed also.This trick is working with 2G and 3G both.
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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Airtel new free unlimited 2g internet trick

Today i am share new and fresh airtel free unlimited 2g internet trick in very high speed
mobile  tip and tricks
Features of unlimited, high speed proxy trick
Downloading and uploading. this is default airtel proxy tricks so you enjoy free surfing in facebook,google+,twitter and other social website.and also watch you tube,meta cafe and other online video streaming site.This proxy  give you very highspeed in your 2g mobile gprs plan. This proxy also use in mobile
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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Idea gprs trick hackedwithin 2 month

Idea gprs trick hackedwithin 2 month.This trick is working successfully. Today we are bring to you a IDEAGPRS TRICK in this Trickweareusedefault mobilebrowser.
Note :Try this trick at lower balance [below 1 rs.]. This trick is published in march 2012 under free ldea gprs/ internet trick march 2012

How to get free gprs
:Step 1 : You have to make new gprs
:setting in your mobile
:Apn : Imis (or) Mmsc
:Proxy :
:Port : 8080
:Homepage : any one from below.
or try your wish

Now save the settings and restart your mobile.and enjoy...!!
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Friday, 20 September 2013

Airtel Free GPRS Trick September 2013


.Take A Any Airtel Sim About 2   Months OLD.
. Activate 3G In Your Sim If They Not Activated Please Send MSG to 121 Type 3G.
. After Your 3G Services Is Acitvated.
. Set These Settings In Your Device.

Follow These Steps To Do This Trick In Your State:-
5) Proxy- 123.432.11.098
6) Port- 80
7) APN-
Now save the settings and restart your mobile.and enjoy...!!
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Tata Docomo Free GPRS Trick September 2013

Hi,Friends,Use This Its work all over States,This Trick About Tata Docomo Free gprs Trick April 26th 2013 For 1 
Do This Follow Steps Trick::-

.First of all make sure that your main balance is less then or equal to Rs.2.
.Edit current settings or make new settings with values given below.
    Port: 8080,
Now save the settings and restart your mobile.and enjoy...!!
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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Aircel Unlimited Free Sms Trick!!!

Note:They will charge you 3 rupees as activation charge! 

It's an Aircel Offer!Keep balance 6 rupees.Then send an SMS as SMS to 57853.After that you will get one month UNLIMITED free sms rate cutter!Enjoy!!!!!
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aircel 3g trick working september 2013

Today i am come back  with aircel free unlimited highspeed working gprs proxy. this proxy work all 2g or  3g mode
aircel proxy trick

How to config. in mobile:

    First download aircel default settings by calling customer care
then save it and restart your mobile
    edit default gprs setting config.
    put the below setting

    name ----
    apn ---- aircel web or default apn
    proxy :  OR
    port :80
    home page or
    save it and again restart your mobile
    now in default browser enter homepage you will be redirected to proxy page enter in that box and browse can use this settings in pc also thats all about aircel 3g proxy.
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Features :

    High speed gprs this proxy give you high speed internet experience in your 2g or 3g smartphone and mobile. also support with pc in Firefox
    ,opera,chrome, flock and net scape web browser. this proxy give you 980kbps in your 3g plan and 180kbps at your 2g prepaid pack.

    unlimited surfing   this proxy support unlimited free surfing and uploading at social media network site. so you connect always with your friends.
    mobile and pc  this proxy both support mobile and pc.  this proxy support in below mobile brand --- Nokia default browser,samsung default browser, and all android mobile browser. also support data card and Nokia pc suite.
   .no disconnection
   .no sim block
   .work in 0 balance
   .support only https protocol server

How to config. in mobile:

    first create gprs profile in your phone
    apn :  pocketinternet
    proxy :
    port : 80
    save and restart your mobile

How to config. in pc (  Firefox)

    Run latest 21 Mozilla Firefox and press tab  tools
    then select option advanced              network  setting
    or select at the list  manual proxy configuration
    and select ssl proxy and put the given below proxy
    and restart Firefox
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Monday, 16 September 2013

Hello folks today we are come back with the latest trick for all AirCel Subscriber for using 3G GPRS internet for free.

Note :

Please use the trick when your SIM have low balance( mostly 0.00) .

in 3G  Mode Do NOT Download  data up to 100MB In 1 connection .

If you download more than 100 MB in one connection then your Internet service get block 

here is the 2013 latest fast proxy trick for AirCel Users. This trick is working with Resume support with downloads and with YouTube, Facebook too. You can download by very fast speed also.This trick is working with 2G and 3G both.So just use it and enjoy super fast 3G speed for free.This Trick Is WorkIng Many States.

You can easily enjoy the free trick for 3G GPRS trick by just following some steps:

Step 1
Create the New Access Point on your mobile and as well as in your pc .

Step 2 :
Update APN to -- aircelweb
-- This is common for whole Network .

Step 3 

Update The PROXY address with:
99.567.67.87 (3G) (fast 2G)
add any one of the proxy listed above

Step 4

Update the port address to :: 8080

Step 5

update Your Homepage:or default address to the following (any one) 

-> Now save your settings and set it as your default APN . Then connect internet and enjoy the service

-> The above listed proxies are tested and working in any kind of device.
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100 MB Download-Airtel Latest Working Tricks

Airtel had launched a Plan in that Plan you can get 100 MB/month for three months. total you can get 300 mb for three month . Now you may say it was working two months ago.I will say now also working. So try this!! >First You have to deactive all mobile office services from your mobile number. How ? Ask Cotomer care to do so. > After that Send “MY DATA” to 543210 If you get reply like “Service Unavailable” then Try in early morning or midnight. Then You Will get 100 m.b for one month To check your usage MB and validity dial *123*10# Enjoy......
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Its twitter base frontquery for mobile users.
u can use it without balance, means 0 balance.
download any version of opera mini handler and install it on
ur mobile(Android users also use it).settings will be
like this,
port=80 or /00a/http/
Thats it. ok .done.
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Bsnl Free 3G Trick June 2013:
Proxy Or IP:
Port: 9209
HomePage: Http://
Now Save And Exit.Restart Ur Mobile And Enjoy Free Bsnl 3G With This Bsnl Free 3G Trick...Keep Visit For More New Updates..
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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Vodafone free internet for PC

Connect your mobile to computer via pc suite
    Access Point: portalnmms
    Internet explorer and Google Chrome users keep the following things:
    Now goto internet option and click on connection option
    Click on the mobile connection
    Enter Proxy address: 110.11.1014.11 and Port: 80
    For others like Opera mini and Mozilla change directly in your browser
    For Opera User Keep following settings for Vodafone internet hack 2013
    For preferred setting go to settings>preferences>advanced>network>click on proxy server
    Tick only http and enter proxy address: and port: 80
    For Mozilla users to get Vodafone free gprs
    Click on tool from menu bar >Options>Advanced icon>Network>setting>Manual proxy configuration.
    Tick only http and enter proxy address: and port: 80
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Friday, 13 September 2013

To make this trick works on your mobile, you need to create a new GPRS setting. 

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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

new docomo unlimited gprs proxy trick 2013

    This proxy give unlimited download and net surfing with android and other mobile like java,,symb.bada and window mobile phone. this proxy support all protocol http and https. so you watch you tube and other online stream video site. both use in mobile and laptop so you enjoy free unlimited internet in every where. this proxy also support internet download manegar so you download big file as 830kbps very blasting speed. please dont share this proxy to your friends.
config.docomo unlimited gprs proxy trick 2013
    first you make new profile in  your mobile

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Before going to post i want to tell you that this Reliance 2g 3g tricks perfectly worked in Punjab and Karnatka.

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Before you make this setting in mobile be sure tha your balance is less than Re.1
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Mobile Users:
    Create a New Configuration Settings on your Phone/Tablet

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Free BSNL 3G Trick

 1) You Must Have the 3G Supported Device .
2) 3G Activated SIM ( if you are not using 3G sim it is easy to change the plan to 3G)
3) Knowledge about the changing of your internet settings.
Change your Internet Settings with the Following Details :-
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Free BSNL 3G Trick 2013 ( 100% Working )

Hello Friends !! here is in 2013 latest fast proxy trick for BSNL  Network Users. This trick is working with Resume support with downloads and with YouTube, Facebook too. You can download by very fast speed also.This trick is working with 2G and 3G both.So just use it and enjoy super fast 3G speed for free.
Trick 1
Use the Following New Connection For Free :-

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Airtel Free net Trick for Mobil

Step:-1) Make "Mobile Office" As Default Setting In Your Mobile 
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Airtel Free Gprs Trick for Mobile

PORT :- 80
Homepage:- you can select any one of the given list of some free honepages:
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Vodafone unlimited 3g Hack:-

APN – portalnmms
Port No. – 9401 or 8799
Use the above mentioned IP address and Port No. in different combinations with each other i.e IP: with Port: 8799, etc.
Make these Settings as Below :-

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config.idea proxy tricks for mobileAnd pc

create new profilename --- mobile tips and tricksapn------
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Unlimited idea intetnet free

unlimited internet access
    highspeed 3g download and upload
    work all social site

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

idea free net

Account name : op blogs
Acess point: Internet

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