Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Features :

    High speed gprs this proxy give you high speed internet experience in your 2g or 3g smartphone and mobile. also support with pc in Firefox
    ,opera,chrome, flock and net scape web browser. this proxy give you 980kbps in your 3g plan and 180kbps at your 2g prepaid pack.

    unlimited surfing   this proxy support unlimited free surfing and uploading at social media network site. so you connect always with your friends.
    mobile and pc  this proxy both support mobile and pc.  this proxy support in below mobile brand --- Nokia default browser,samsung default browser, and all android mobile browser. also support data card and Nokia pc suite.
   .no disconnection
   .no sim block
   .work in 0 balance
   .support only https protocol server

How to config. in mobile:

    first create gprs profile in your phone
    name :tricklike.blogspot.com
    apn :  pocketinternet
    proxy :
    port : 80
    save and restart your mobile

How to config. in pc (  Firefox)

    Run latest 21 Mozilla Firefox and press tab  tools
    then select option advanced              network  setting
    or select at the list  manual proxy configuration
    and select ssl proxy and put the given below proxy
    and restart Firefox


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