Saturday, 30 November 2013

Get back your lost USB drive

Own a pen drive (USB stick) and have fear about losing it? Usually if a USB flash drive is lost or missing, there's no hope of getting it back unless you have a note inside the drive or you use a marker to write down your contact on the USB drive.

The note inside may or may not capture finders attention because people generally gloss over and ignore text files. Hence, you need something to catch finder's eye to let him know the contact information of it's owner.
USB Lost And Found is a software program that provides an interesting way to inform a finder of an USB stick about the rightful owner. Something that might come in quite handy for British government officials and citizens working in IT. The free version can be configured to display a message that is linked to the devices autoplay mechanism.
The free version has only one method of protecting, the message method. The PRO version which comes for $3.49 has another method called lock down.
Everything about the software is pretty well but it will be your hard luck if it's found by some Linux or Mac OS X user because it only supports Windows.


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