Saturday, 30 November 2013

It could be possible to found the mean of error message of hardware
configuration. when  you have run any type of program and that
time program get a error message in form of different different
mean but you could know of the code following below...

In 16-Bit:-
0000h                                   Some cluster available
FFFFh-FFFF6h                    Some Reserved cluster
FFF7h                                  If defective cluster is not a part of a chain
FFF8h-FFFFh                      Last cluster of file
xxxx                                     Next cluster in file
In 32-Bit
0000000h                            Some cluster available
FFFFFFFh-FFFFFF6h       Some Reserved cluster
FFFFFF7h                          If defective cluster is not a part of a chain
FFFFFF8h-FFFFFFFh       Last cluster of file
xxxxxxx                             Next cluster in file


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