Saturday, 30 November 2013

These days games are like a master piece, means great graphics, smooth gameplay and much more but to play these game you need to have Graphic Cards installed in your PC, but graphic cards costs huge amount

so for some its really not affordable deal, but they really want to try out the new game they simply downloaded so we have a simply solution to this thing well this might not work as graphic cards work but it will simply enable the gameplay so that you enjoy the new game.

Follow the below steps to see how it works:-
1)Download SwiftShader Files
2)Now after you download the above package extract it and you will a folder names SwiftShader, open that and than you will some files like .dll and instructions like file containing major information about everything.
3)Now you have to copy all the .dll files to your Games executable directory ( where you game is installed )
4)Now you can edit the SwiftShader.ini file in Notepad or WordPad according to your preferences.
5)Instructions are given in the TXT file on how you edit that .ini file.
6)Now the last step is the fun step run the game and enjoy it, if its really heavy game than it will be choppy but it will work.


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