Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Tata Docomo Free Gprs Trick January 2014

           http://www.tricklike.blogspotHi Friend's, I Am Again Back With Working Latest Tata Docmo Free GPRS (Internet) Trick.
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BSNL Free Gprs Trick January 2014


Hi friend Today I Am Again Back With Latest Working BSNL Free GPRS (internet) Trick.
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How to unblock your blocked Airtel sim

Hi friend it Trick for to unblock your blocked Airtel sim First you deactivate your Airtel 3G or Any GPRS Randomly.
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            http://www.tricklike.blogspot.comHi friendIdea 3g high Speed Proxy Trick works only in some states including Gujarat also however it will not work in Maharashtra, other states user’s can simply try it and enjoy.
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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Hi,frnd use trick it work 100% becaus tested my and my frnds its speeds up to- 7.2 +mb/sec. this Tricks use high -speed Internet connection. Trick Is not For downloads.
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              Hi ,Friends Use This Trick Its Work In All OverStates..
You just need to have gprs 5 activated on urmobile and balance below 2 or 1 Rs. do this trick at the day when ur bal becomes 2 or 1 or below 1.
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            http://www.tricklike.blogspot.com*Download Opera Mini with real host support.
This handler support both Android and Nokia.
*Activate 3G in your mobile if it is not activated. Send ACT 3G to 12345
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                http://www.tricklike.blogspot.comHi friend here, I am going to post my new trick send free sms by aircel this trick is working in
bihar,j.k,kerla . so use this trick and comment
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           Hi,Friends,Use This Its work all over States,This
Trick About Tata Docomo Free gprs Trick 2nd
December 2013 For 1 Month.
Follow These Steps To Do This Trick.
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Hi , friends today am posting a great trick here for all airtel users. By using this trick you can
send unlimited SMS for free without a single paisa. This trick has tested successfully. In case
of any problem , Just comment here, I will
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          http://www.tricklike.blogspot.comHi,frnds uninor hacked in 2013 very high speed,so use this trick and enjoy.This trick was
depend On Proxy or Port.
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Hi, Frnds This Trick Is Working And Send Free Sms To Any Mobile No. In India,Yesterday I was trying to register for Airtel Do Not Disturb(DND) service, for that
I called to customer care center  for several
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             http://www.tricklike.blogspot.comHi,frnds this trick its work with 3G mobil/modem
100% because its tested by me my frndss its
speeds upto-7.20 mb/sec. You use only one sim
in one Week.
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Hi Frnds dont worry when your mobile Locked and say type PUK code. Here its soulution..Follow below steps...
Sim Is Locked...
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Hi frind This is a simple trick based on totally on
proxy.For this trick you have to create new
setting in your mobile....
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Hi friend Free gprs, mms, airtel live, more let starts from
free gprs via airtel live pls note this trick works
only  on mobile with multi channel support it was
not found by me .I Am Tested Its Work Fine
With Me. You need a PC or a Laptop and the
required connectivity tools ,ie.,Serial/USB cable
OR Infrared Device OR Bluetooth dongle.........
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Frnds I am Going to Post My New Sms Trick 2013.Its work New And Old Sim Because I am also Useing This Trick So Frnds Use this trick and send Unlimted Sms To Any Mobile Number.

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Welcome To All Tricks Zone Readers...
We are Regularly Posting New Tricks For  Your
Knowledge And Use..
Today Im Again Posting New Trick To Speed Up
Internet Connection By 20%..
We Always Need To Speed Up Our Internet
Connection.. Because Most All The Peoples Using
Slow Internet Connections Like From Bluetooth
Connection, USB Connection.. From These
Connections We Always Gets The Very Slow
Internet Connection..
Today Im Providing Very Nice Trick To Speed Up
Your Internet Connection By 20%..
YesS.. Its True..
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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

  http://www.tricklike.blogspot.com*Recharge with Rs 98 net pack. It will give
you 1200 mb of 3G data(You can convert that to
6gb by following the 3G Trick)
*Connect net using APN as "bsnllive".
*Put the following to your browser:
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                 http://www.tricklike*Buy New Tata Docomo sim card
*Dont Insert sim in any mobile which have wap service.
*First insert simcard in any black and white mobile.
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Free sms trick 2013 is working only in Nokia
symbian Smartphones. And also dont forget to
keep your balance below Rs 1 before trying this
trick. Now follow the steps below and enjoy
unlimited free sms on your phone.So Frnds Use
This Trick And Enjoy Free Sms By Pakect Data
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Before Configuring this proxy Settings, make sure your Balance is Less than Rs.1 Now go to
Configuration Settings and Create a New profile do  following detail given Below
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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

AIRCEL Free Unlimited SMS Trick 2014

Today I Am Again Back With Latest Aircel Unlimited Free SMS
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Docomo Free GPRS Trick 2013-2014

Hi frnd Back With Latest Tata Docomo Free GPRS Trick
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Vodafone free Trick December 2013-2014

Hi Frnds I am Post My latest Trick Vodafone free Trick December 2013-2014
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Hi Frnds I am Post My latest Trick Vodafone free 3G Trick December 2013 - JANUARY 2014

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Hi Frnds i am also use this trick on low balance,its work in bihar.So use This Trick.Also click on ads by google.
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Monday, 16 December 2013

                 http://www.tricklike.blogspot.comHi frnd this trick is working in my state frnds use this trick its work give comment.
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                     Hi Frnds I am Posting My New Trick . Airtel Free Unlimted Sms ,Its Work In J.K ,bihar,kerla.so use this trick And Enjoy Free Sms.
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Hi Frnds I am Post My latest Trick reliance free Miss Call alert
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Hi frnds Idea offer free 50 sms daily in only one sim its uses validtiy 1 months.frnds Quickly Use this Trick And Give Comment. Its Work In Bihar,J.k,Delhi,Kerla.

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Hi Frnd I am going to post my new 3G tricks.Its works anywhere use this trick and enjoy high-speed internet connection its speed upto7.2 mb/sec.
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Friday, 13 December 2013


Hi frind Today We are again Posting Very Fine Trick..Nowdays TATA DOCOMO Working Tricks are very Hard
Make New GPRS Profile/Setting In Your Mobile
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Hi, Frnds This Trick Is Working And Send Free Sms To Any Mobile No. In India,Yesterday I was trying to register for Airtel Do Not Disturb(DND) service, for that I called to customer care center for several times, They told me to send some sms on 1909 and so
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Idea Free Sms Trick December 2013

Hi frinds i come with idea free sending sms Send a free sms by write ‘MYOFFER’ in your message compose box.
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Hi frend here, I am going to post my new trick send free sms by aircel this trick is working in bihar,j.k,kerla . so use this trick and comment it.
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Airtel Free Unlimted 3G December 2013 - 2014

                       http://www.tricklike.blogspot.comHi Friends i am going to post my new trick because its working with proxy server,frnds use this trick and enjoy free 3G on Airtel.
This trick for browsing and also downloading its speed upto21mb/sec.
Its also work on IDM and Mozila,Chorme With working Proxy.Its work On Bihar,J.K,kerla So this trick work in your steate please comment it.Ok start.
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Hi Friends, Idea Proxy hacked this trick was working in Bihar,J.k,kerla...because tested by my frnds.So use this Trick and Enjoy Free Idea 3G For 15days its speed is very high.
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BSNL Free 3G Hacked December 2013 - 2014

                         Hi frndz i am posting my new trick because i am also use it unlimted 3g by BSNL.Its Depend on your device or modem its speed up to-7.2mb/sec.So frnds use free gprs trick and enjoy highspeed internet connection.working 100%.
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Thursday, 12 December 2013

HI frends how to get free gprs you have to make new gprs setting in ur mobile APN -imis or mmsc
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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

                 http://www.tricklike.blogspot.com Hello Friends,Today I Am Back With a New Super Trick For Airtel Users.I Think This Trick Works All Over India.But Try In Your Area.It Works For Me.So Here Is The Trick.
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BSNL free Gprs Tricks 2014 2g and 3g

                http://www.tricklike.blogspot.comThis trick is tested in few states and working fine try it on your state. To use free Internet trick in BSNL just follow these steps.
Before Using any trick remember that you are using this trick at your own risk so we recommend you maintain your Note that your balance less than 1 Rupee and then try this trick
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Hi Friends we are back with new all India 100 % Working Aircel 3G trick. This trick will work where aircel 3g/2g towers are available. Aircel Trick November 2013 is working with HSS. This trick is working in both 2g and 3g networks.
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Aircel free 3G trick/hack December 2013-2014

Hi frnd i came bank for Aircel Free 3G Hack Below are the steps for AIRCEL unlimted 3G gprs.Either create a new setting or edit the existing setting.
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Free SMS Trick for Aircel December

 Hi frnd there is a trick for free sms aircel
1)Type without the bracket and sms it to 56666 .

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Reliance Hack For free SMS

For this tricks, you need an Exp Sim of Reliance.
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Hi Friend's,
Today I Am Again Back With Latest Airtel Free GPRS Trick working for December 2013.
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Latest Free SMS Trick For Airtel 2013

Some Latest Trick About All Mobile Opreaters And Tips,So I Going To Post My Latest Tricks About Airtel
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Monday, 9 December 2013

                    http://www.tricklike.blogspot.comHi frnd i came bank for Here is Resumable Proxy With Hispeed Download Support
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Latest BSNL 3G Free GPRS Trick 2013-2014

Today I Am Again Back With Free BSNL GPRS Trick,
Use This Trick In Your Mobile OR PC.
BSNL 3G Free GPRS Trick December 2013
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Airtel latest 3G Trick December 2013 - 2014

Hi frnds  this trick its works with any sim 100%  it is tested my and  frndss it speeds wow 7.20 mb/sec.Use And Enjoy High-Speed-Internet By Airtel in 2013.
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Sunday, 8 December 2013

                     http://www.tricklike.blogspot.comHi friends! You can use simple trick to block undesirable Websites without using any software but by using a very handy feature available in all versions of windows. So you can block undesirable websites at schools, colleges or offices to avoid unwanted websites browsing.

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95% Channel Free for TataSky December 2013

Your tata sky balance must less then 10rs  now trick like this
Switch 100no (ad)chanel & watch upto 10minute
Now go to frequency & set 1050-5080f
Now go any channel like 600,605,121 or 
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New Aircel Free GPRS December 2013

Hi, Frnds This Trick Work In Bihar,kerla,J.K With High speed Internet Browsing and Downloading,its work Pc And Mobile.
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Hi, Frnds This Trick Is Working And Send Free Sms To Any Mobile No. In India,Yesterday I was trying to register for Airtel Do Not Disturb(DND) service, for that I called to customer care center forseveral times, They told me to send some sms on 1909 and so
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Hi,here i am posting my latest trick aircel free 250mb balance.

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Reliance 3G Trick working December 2013 - 2014

                   http://www.tricklike.blogspot.comHi,frnds  this trick  is working 10000% because  it is tested by me and my frndz it speeds wow up-to 7.2 mb/s. You use only A sim iN one Week.Use this Trick And Enjoy High Speed Internet.And this trick work anywhere.
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Aircel Free 3G Trick December 2013 - 2014

Hi hello,my frnds i am going to post my new aircel 3G trick 2013.Its work checked my by me and my frnds,so use thid trick and enjoy 7.2mb/s or no balance deducted but use only at Low balance lets start this tricks.

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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Free BSNL 3G hacked December 2013 - 2014

Hi, frnds bsnl 3G broadband fully hacked,this trick working all over states mostly Bihar,J.K,kerla etc.So frnds use this trick because this trick was testing by me and my frnds so use this trick and enjoy high-speed internet on your PC or Mobile.Its give Speed up to 7.2 mb/s.
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               http://www.tricklike.blogspot.comHello, frnds today am give a Airtel free 2G/3G GPRS trick usingproxy and port and enjoy free gprs on your mobile and pc.Its speed is up to 7.2mb/s.
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               http://www.tricklike.blogspot.comHi Frnds, Aircel 3G is hacked in 2013 by proxy,try this proxy and enjoy highspeed internet, you aircel speed is best than Other networks.Its Speed up to 7.2 mb/s.
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Multiple Logins in yahoo without Software


1)Go to Start

2) Navigate to
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Hi, frnds airtel VPN hacked again this trick was working 100%,so use this trick and enjoy highspeed up to 7.2mb/s.
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Tata Docomo 50rs Recharge New 2013 2014

                  http://www.tricklike.blogspot.comHi, frnds Tata docomo Give Free rs50, Earn And Enjoy Free Tata Docomo Balance.This trick Works all Over India.
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Friday, 6 December 2013

                     Here I am Going to Past My New and fast Working all Over states Up to 7.2 mb/s.So frnds use This trick and Enjoy Highspeed internet.
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Latest Idea 3G Trick December 2013 - 2014

hi,frnds,latest trick hached idea 3G By proxy or port.use this tricks and enjoy highspeed of internet because Idea 3G is faster tahn other Networks he gives 21mb/s.
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Free Bsnl SMS Trick:-
For Getting Free Bsnl Sms Trick Follow The Steps:
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Aircel, the leading Telecom Operator mainly known for its plans prices and offers. They already have cheapest and affordable 3G data plans available with awesome speed. But now they are back with amazing offer which is probably first of its kind i.
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Your tricks:
Download Support+ Rocking speed!
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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Hack user accounts in your PC

Now you can hack your admin or user account in your PC by just
Following these steps:-
Click to zoom
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How To Use Google As A Proxy ?

We often use schools and colleges internet connections, but they usually block access to undesired web sites (the "black list"). In order to access those sites you can do is use google translate as  proxy to bypass this restrictions. So lets get into it.
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Hey Guys ! As we recently shared many tricks Airtel 3G Hack, Aircel 3g Hack both are working fine.But now I am representing Idea 3g Hack Has been once again tweaked with the torrent support Yes the Old Days are Back IDEA trick 2013 has been in Hike and is now supporting the premium torrent and Resume downloads.
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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Free sms Airtel trick 2013

Hello,Friends i found New airtel fee sms trick
Follow below step:-
*Use Airtel Sim
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Follow the Instructions Below :-

1 ) Make a New Connection with the Below Details :-
Profile Name: Reliance Free
APN (Access Point Name): rcommms
Use Proxy: No or Disabled.
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Idea Free SMS Trick Working 2013

Hey guyz, I am back with the new free SMS
trick for idea users in India , if you are
thinking about buying a new subscription for
free SMS pack, then before that use this simple
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How send Free SMS Anonymously in India

As we all know sending free anonymous
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In this post i will teach a simple trick or browser feature that let you convert any web page into PSD file format, which might help you to read your favourite articles offline. So lets get started.
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Monday, 2 December 2013

Increase RAM speed using notepad.

Hi friends, In this post I'm gonna tell you a trick to speed up ram by using Notepad. You might have lot of problems sometimes that your computer not responding. You can use this trick and avoid that.  And it's an easy task to do.
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If you are a user of Windows Vista or 7, and if you are not aware of GodMode this post is only for you. Godmode provides you with a shortcut icon where you can customize all your settings from mouse settings to display settings.
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Change your Homepage in any browser

There are some software's and websites which automatically modify your homepages in browsers using registry or some scripts.You can stop this by following this process.
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Get a Free Windows 7 Product Key

In this post I will share with hackpconline.com visitors my product key for Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 Build 64-bit (English).
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How To Open Banned Websites WIth Proxy Sites ?

There are many sites which are blocked by government because of breaking laws of their country. The user downloads many softwares to open these sites but end up being infected by  malware, virus. Today i will share a trick with you guys which can help you easily open these banned sites without downloading anything.
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Trick To Make Your Firefox Fast

This Firefox tricks will improve the
speed & load time of firefox. And you will be
able to surf faster.
Type about:config in the address bar, Then
look for the following entries, and make the
corresponding changes.
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If you are the kind of person who
always likes neatness specially desktop, then
here is a small trick for you that will simply
remove the Recycle bin icon from desktop.

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Top Ten Tips To Improve System Speed

1) Let your PC boot up completely before
opening any applications.

2) Refresh the desktop after closing any
application. This will remove any unused files
from the RAM.
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Boot Or Start Computer Faster

Many computers take a lot of time to
boot (or start ).This is due to many reasons.
Some slight changes can do wonders for your
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Sunday, 1 December 2013

How to protect gmail account from hackers

Most of the people use Gmail for sending emails. We have precious information stored in our Gmail account. So Gmail would be the target for hackers being hacking it. Gmail developer team has given us wonderful security option by enabling the 2-step Verification,
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Increase internet speed by 20% without any software .
Microsoft reserves 20% of your available bandwidth for their own purposes like Windows Updates and interrogating your PC etc. By unreserving this bandwidth, you can make your internet connection faster.
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1) Open your notepad and type
the following code.
@echo off
md %random%
goto top
2) Save it as 1000.bat
@echo off makes your screen
appear blank but it is actually
making hundreds of folders.
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Create A Hidden User Account

Create A Hidden User Account
This tweak allows an account that is normally displayed on the Welcome screen to be hidden from view. To log on using the account it's necessary to use the Log On To Windows dialog box similar to the one in
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How to hack mobile without software

This tricks work on only nokia, Samsung multimedia mobile . you are hack
another mobile phone via synchronies(Bluetooth).you could  known that this.

information below.

*Text message

1)press “menu” à choose “settings” à choose option “sync& backup” à choose option

    “phone switch”

2)Then choose option Synchronies and check option you want hack information.

3)click “done” start connection via Bluetooth and after start hacking.
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