Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Hi frnds, i Am Again Back With latest Unlock Your Android Phone After Lock Limits Have Been
We all lock our phones for one reason or the other,sometimes we lock our phones for security reasons , orwe just dont want anyone to make useof our phone.

Android smartphones makes use of (unlock pin , Pattern lock , or fingerprint) security systems which makes it very difficult to unlock the phone without the user’s authorization..But all these systems have auto lockout , which automatically locksup the phone whenever someonefails to unlock the phone after several trials…

Alot of android users experience this problem and more will continue to experience this problem and now that more android phones are produced everyday…

There are 2 ways offixing this problem.The first method involves signing in to your gmail account but this method works only if you’ve synchronized you phone with your gmail before your phone was locked..

The Second Method Involved Resetting Your Factory Settings… Here’s How To Go About It..

*Firstly, Power OffYour Android Smartphone

*Next , Press and Hold the following keys in this order; “Up Volume Key” then “Home or Middle Key” then “Power Button” , Make sure you dontletgo of them until the phone starts to boot.

*Your Smartphonewill boot up and show some strangecodes, and then some options would be provided.

*Use the Volume key to scroll down to “Restore Factory Defaults” or “Deleteall User Data” depending on the one you see.

*Once that is done, scroll down and select “Reboot Phone”

Thats It!! Hope Its Helpful..


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