Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Airtel Proxy Fastest Working Trick April 2014

                 Hi friend's, I am again back with airtel fastest working proxy trick. You can use this trick in both PC and mobile. And high speed proxy with their hosts.

Tricks given below:-

    *Port: 80 

Homepage : http://get.hike.in/~mgr/proxy/index.php

if the homepage not work then try any given below
2: http://buddies.airtelmoney.in/~mgr/proxy/index.php
3: airtellive.com/~mgr/proxy/index.php

Try any 1 given below
1. airtellive.com
2. http://ic.bsbportal.com/
3. tbr.bsbportal.com
4. qrious.airtellive.com
5. img.tnm.bsbportal.com
6. search.airtellive.com
7. http://rd.airtellive.com/

HP : Host/~mgr/proxy/index.php

ex : http://tbr.bsbportal.com/~mgr/proxy/index.php

visit our site daily for new tricks.And comment and share and Enjoy
Airtel fastest proxy trick


  1. where to put the hos in handler?

  2. Your blog give many information thanks for share this informative article.

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