Tuesday, 1 April 2014

               Hi friend's, I am again back with latest watch unlimated starsports stream for watching live cricket,football matches etc. If you using our Free 3G tricks then i am we sure You that you should get 3G speed in your networks and if you have broadband Then you also wants to see match live on internet.so star sports gives us free Streaming of all cricket matches also Football and other sports.
But Probleam is that you can watch it only 5 minutes Free only. After That it's ask to you go to premium users to watch unlimited. And we do't have such amount to register. So that why we  have a trick which you can watch unlimited Star sports Unlimited live.

First Go to the star Sports offical site given below link click on link




Now follow some steps Whose mention below:-
*Now change the date of your system to yesterday's i.e., 21/03/2014.
*Now the free preview time will be changed to 15:00 min and it'll never go below 14:00.
*And the broadcast is live..
*No Delay and No ads you just need a good connectivity for Full HD..
It done Now refresh your star sports page and You are elgible to watch unlimited with live
and this is totally Free. (but we prefer you can buy his paid version)
In near future there is so much matches like IPL 2014, FIFA World cup. so you can watch all this unlimited on your Pc.

  visit our site daily for new tricks.And comment and share and Enjoy watch unlimated starsports live in your pc


  1. Excellent post. This article is really informative and helpful. Thanks for your nice post.
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  2. Bro I have been doing it for like 5 months now. I wanted to see Juventus vs AC Milan tonight and I changed my time to an hour before. That added 60 minutes to free preview. But due to AM/PM, I forgot to properly change the time and now my free preview has ended. And even after restarting many times, i cannot watch. Any way around that? All I see is a message that my free preview has ended and i need to pay for further subscription. :(


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