Tuesday, 15 April 2014

             Hi friends,Today I am back with new working idea latest front query proxy april may 2014.this idea latest back query front query proxy server give you very fast internet experience in your android and desktop computer. you able to download and upload very quickly you multimedia item.

*High speed download.
*Quickly response any network setting.
*Work and try all airtel, aircel and other gprs provider.
*Well working in rajasthan Punjab and Assam.

How to config. in pc and mobile

*APN: imis or internet
*Proxy: disable
*PORT: disable

Then opera mini handler server:-

*If you want, you can add front query to opera mini instead of changing

server address:-

Front query : http://z012.fma.fb.me.php.
*In bolt or similar apps, use front query:


*In Ucweb or any app which connects to internet (if other tricks are not working then use given below frontquery

Frontquery: http://z012.fma.fb.me.www.flyproxy.com/nph-proxy.pl/010110A/http/

NOTE:-This frontquery will work on any app
*In default browser, go to:


[in place of t9spce.comyou can use any php proxy sites like www.flyproxy.Com

    Using proxy on mobile:-
*Proxy: german-proxy.de
*Port: 80
*Homepage: http://z012.fma.fb.me.php.t9space.com

*Just go to homepage and enter URL there.

How to use idea proxy in PC:-

*Download proxifier or similar app and enter settings as below

*Proxy: german-proxy.de
*Port: 80

*Now open any browser and enter address as:


Note:-Don't connect to internet on pc before changing settings on proxifier, it may cut your balance if you have high balance.

*If you are modding Operamini or similar, dont give socket server. Leave it blank or change it to http://

*If connection has been disconnected while using, only reconnect it only after 5 or 10 mins

Thanks for visit my Blog.And visit site daily for new tricks.and comment if it work in you


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